Pardalis Avocats Fees

The fees of Pardalis Avocats are freely agreed between the lawyer and his client, in accordance with our ordinal rules and regulations.


These fees take into account the qualification of the intervenor, the difficulty of the case and take into consideration the time spent and the importance or urgency of the intervention.

The usual hourly rates range from €180 to €350 per hour.

Our firm has implemented a system for monitoring case intervention times, allowing greater transparency of fees.

A fee agreement is concluded prior to our interventions.

The costs are deducted either from the fixed price, or according to actual consumption (travel costs in particular).

Our costs and fees are subject to VAT, except with regard to our foreign clients who are each subject to tax in their own country.
A detailed invoice of fees is sent to the client as and when our interventions take place.

Disputes regarding fees are exclusively decided by the President of the relevant Bar Association, in accordance with the Internal Rules of our Order.

In the event of a dispute, the client may also have recourse to the mediator for the legal profession, which can be reached via the website: https://mediateur-consommation-avocat.fr


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